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12 November 2010 @ 09:08 am


We, the Mother's of Australia
As we kneel each night in prayer
Will be sure to ask God's blessings
On the men with fuzzy hair.

And may the Great Creator
Who made us both black and white
Help us to remember how they
Helped us to win the fight .

For surely He, has used these
Men with fuzzy wuzzy hair
To guard and watch our wounded
With tender and loving care.

And perhaps when they are tired
With blistered and aching back
He'll take the Yoke On himself
And help them down the track.

And God will be the Artist
And this picture He will paint
Of a Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel
With the Halo of a Saint.

And His presence shall go with them
In tropic heat and rain
And he'll help them to tend our wounded
In sickness and in pain.

So we thank you Fuzzy Wuzzies
For all that you have done
Not only for Australians
But for Every Mother's Son.

And we are glad to call you friends
Though your faces may be black
For we know that Christ walked
With you - on the Owen Stanley track.

Writer Not Noted

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12 November 2010 @ 09:06 am


Many a mother in Australia
When the busy day is done
Sends a Prayer to the Almighty
For the keeping of her Son.

Asking that an Angel guide him
And bring him safely back
Now we see those prayers are
Answered on the Owen Stanley track.

Tho' they haven't any halos
Only holes slashed through the ear
Their faces marked with tattoo's
And scratch pins in their hair.

Bringing back the badly wounded
Just as steady as a hearse
Using leaves to keep the rain off
And as gentle as a Nurse.

Slow and careful in bad places
On that awful mountain track
And the look upon their faces
Made us think that Christ was black.

Not a move to hurt the carried
As they treat him like a Saint
It's a picture worth recording
That an Artist's yet to paint.

Many a lad will see his mother
and the husbands, weans and wives
Just because the Fuzzy Wuzzies
Carried them to save their lives.

From Mortar or Machine gun fire
Or a chance surprise attack
To safety and the care of Doctors
At the bottom of the track.

May the Mothers of Australia
When they offer up a prayer
Mention these impromptu Angels
With the "Fuzzy Wuzzy " hair.

by NX6925 Sapper H "Bert" Beros of the 7th
Division, 2nd AIF; it was actually written on the Kokoda Track/Trail in 1942

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12 November 2010 @ 09:01 am

Remembrance Day, 11 November 2010

With Remembrance Day yesterday I became extremely intrigued by war itself, something that I’ve never really thought much about before. I am 24, therefore I have had 24 Remembrance Days (obviously the fist 15 or so would not have meant much to me), but I find it extraordinary that it wasn’t until this year that this day really hit me. That it wasn’t until yesterday I really thought about what Remembrance Day was all about and when I thought about it all I wanted to do was to find out more.

I remember History classes at school talking about WWI and WWII but they never went into detail and it never really felt like it was connected to me in any way…after all they fought and lived decades before I did, so what they did couldn’t possibly be connected to me in anyway, right? WRONG!!! Yesterday during a moment of silence at 11am I thought about my friends Uncle, who he had told me about several times, and I thought about the men that would have been with him when he was fighting all those years back and it made me wonder, my friend has this connection to something greater that what we are here today….is it possible that I do too?

I asked my father about it. I knew my Grandfather had travelled hours away from his home to enlist in the Army, hoping that his mother wouldn’t find out, but as all mothers know, so did she. And so she rang around to the Army bases in the area searching for her youngest son, as she needed him to help her with the farm, which was essential to the war effort supplying food for the Army, and since her husband (my Great Grandfather) and her other sons were already off fighting. My Grandfather, from what my father says, never forgave his mother for not letting him go off and fight, to do his duty along with his father and brothers…apparently serving and doing his duty is all he wanted to do, but wasn’t able to. He was in basic training when his mother had him pulled back home to help her.

His father and brothers however went off and fought. His father came back after a while and the two of them went to Tamora and Cootamundra to cut up wood for the war effort – I am not really sure why they did this or what the Army needed the wood for, but I do intend to find out. Anwyay his brothers, Mick and Alec, however stayed to fight. Both ended up in Papua New Guinea, and Uncle Mick through circumstances unknown to us ended up working with some of the local people. Uncle Alec however ended up in a Changi Prisoner of War Camp. Eventually they both made it home and both with sealed records by the Army, which is why we know very little about their time in the war. I would like to know what they went through, what they did, but since their records are still sealed some 60+ years later I am having to rely solely on other soldiers experiences and stories. One day hopefully their records will be unsealed and I will find out about their time in the war but until then I plan to find out as much as I can about the war itself.

My father told me that once my Uncle Mick and Uncle Alec came home, that Uncle Alec had quite a few run-ins with Japanese sailors. You see they lived in Eden, a fishing town and the Japanese, some years after the war would come into port there and when they did it was, I can imagine quite a sight. My Uncle Alec, obviously from his experiences in the Changi POW camp, disliked the Japanese with a passion. Anyway on a few occasions the Japanese sailors would come into the bar where Uncle Alec and his brothers would drink and on more than a few occasions Uncle Alec started fights with the Japanese sailors, only to be joined by Uncle Mick, my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather. Eventually the local police got sick of the Fulton men starting fights with the Japanese sailors and decided that whenever the Japanese sailors would come into port they would take Uncle Alec into protective custody….for the safety of the sailors rather than Uncle Alec.

It’s interesting to learn these stories from my father, and I guess I am documenting them now so that I don’t forget what my Grandfather tried to do for his country, what he wanted to do for his country and what his brothers and father did for all of us. In some ways I feel sorry for my Grandfather, that he wasn’t able to serve like he so desperately wanted to, but I am also very thankful of my Great Grandmother and the fact that she wouldn’t let him go…after all if he had gone and not come back, my Grandfather would never have met my Grandmother, they never would have had their family and my father and in turn I would not be here.

I endeavor to learn more about WWII especially considering I have such a connection to it and I will be waiting for Uncle Mick and Uncle Alec’s records to be unsealed, something which I hope happens in my lifetime, so that I can learn about what they really did for us…for me.

So to all those who have fought, or are still fighting, who died fighting and those who so desperately wanted to do their duty but were unable to, I admire you all and I thank you all, because if it weren’t for you our lives today wouldn’t be what they are.

Lest We Forget.

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01 November 2010 @ 08:16 am
Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like most and least about this holiday?

No I dont celebrate Halloween. I live in Australia and it has never been apart of our culture and although Halloween does seem fun and gives us all a reason to dress up I dont believe it should become a part of Australian culture. We are a very diverse country where everyone has the right to celebrate whatever holidays they chose but I dont believe we, as a country, should adpot all of Amercias holidays and traditions. It seems to be these days that Amercia has a lot of influence over us in Australia, now I dont know if thats necessarily from Amercia itself or that a lot of Australians just like some of the Amercian way of life. But whatever it is, is not really the point.

I love my country and I love our way of life here and I dont believe we should be adpoting other countries holidays, traditions and ways of life. I mean its one thing for Australian-Chinese to celebreate Chinese New Year, but that doesnt mean all of Australians should. If we adapot Halloween, next thing you know we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving as well, a holiday that historically will mean nothing to us. And just another reason for a day off work and to eat a whole hell of a lot of food.

I like the idea of halloween, and if I were ever to be in America on Halloween I would absolutely join in, but I dont believe in raising our children to think that Halloween is a part of our countries culture. I honestly dont believe we should be accepting Halloween in Australia, however because we are such a diverse culture  I cant hold it against those who do chose to celebrate it. Just dont expect to be getting lollies, chocolates and candy from my house.
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27 October 2010 @ 07:37 am
Are there any scents that invoke childhood memories?

The smell of bacon and eggs cooking reminds me of when I was really little. My family was visiting my Grandad and I remember waking up in his living room to the smell of bacon and eggs. And looking into the kitchen I could see my three brothers sitting at the kitchen bench and my Grandad in the kitchen cooking in the frypan. Needless to say I LOVE the smell of bacon and eggs.
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12 October 2010 @ 07:52 am

As it turns out my car accident some years ago causing me injury that still affects me to this day might actually be a blessing in disguise. Dont get me wrong, I still hold ill feelings towards the girl who caused the accident but then again who wouldnt to a woman who run up the back of your car at 70km (in a 50km zone mind you) when you were at a dead stop. You see, my neck has been causing me some pain this last few weeks so I headed down to my acupuncturist for some treatment, no big deal. Let me just say at this juncture that I am in awe of the art that is acupuncture. I find it so amazing that you'll have a headache but the Doctor will put the needle in your wrist or your foot, or you'll have a sore neck and he'll put the needle in your head or chest. The whole art of it just amazes me. So two Tuesday's ago after my appointment with my acupuncturist I had to wait an hour and a half for my Dad to finish work before driving home, so into Borders I went to do some shopping. And without any forethought I found myself drifting towards the stationery section of the store, somewhere I very rarely go, if at all. So there I am standing in the middle of paper, pens, stamps, stickers and organisational tidbits wondering why the hell I am actually standing here in the first place when I see it....a beautiful blue soft covered A4 notebook, one of those ones with the tie around the center of it so that the book stays closed all the times, so that if its in your bag the pages dont get turned down and dog-eared etc. This simple sight of this notebook just gave me the sudden urge to pick up a nearby pen and write, so hurriedly I walked to the cash register with the beautiful blue soft covered book and a funny little, what I call a, “Penelope Garcia-pen” (for those who dont watch Criminal Minds, the pens that I refer to have feathers, little toys on the ends etc like these ones below), my Penelope Garcia-pen being a pink fluffy pen with a cute little skull and cross bones on the end.

After paying for my new stash of writers necessities I brought myself a Chai Tea, cause I am addicted to my Chai Tea, and a brownie, yes i have had a craving for one of those since I mentioned brownie points in my last post, and I sat down. Ripping the plastic off of the notebook and the tag off the pen I opened the front cover of my new found, well…purchased, friend and started without thinking to write. And for over an hour I sat there in the middle of a shopping centre, with what would have seemed like the whole world walking past me and I wrote. This act in itself was very strange for the simple fact that majority, and by that I mean 99% of my writing is always done on the computer. I very rarely write things down in a notebook, which I suppose is a bit strange because when it comes to reading books I prefer the actual paperback or hardcover versions over reading them on the computer or other electronic devices.

So by the end of my little writing session, aside from a very sore hand, I am so not use to writing anymore, how I use to write for 7 hours on end in high school is beyond me, I had managed to scribble words on 2 pages. Yes, I know 2 pages isn’t a lot considering I spent over an hour writing but considering the art of actual pen to paper is pretty foreign to me I consider it a fair effort.

 Last Tuesday I went for a follow up appointment to the acupuncturist and again, after buying myself a Chai Tea….I did after all say I was addicted, I sat down and attempted to write some more in my beautiful blue soft covered notebook with my Penelope Garcia pen, however I wasn’t as successful this time around. After half hour and only about 2 sentences written I decided that unfortunately my little blue notebook just wasn’t working for me, so stuffing it into my bag I headed home.

 On the 45 minute or so drive home I got to thinking about writing itself and how strange it is that sometimes you can write non-stop without realizing how much time has passed and at other times you’ll strain your brain for ages trying to get only a few sentences out (well this is what happens to me anyway....I hope I am not the only one). And this in itself makes me wonder, how is it that authors like Kathy Reichs, James Patterson, Stephen J Cannell and Nora Roberts (not that she’s my genre of interest but still she applies to my point here), how is it that they and many other authors can manage to write a novel, if not multiple novels within a space of one year? Yes, I know it’s their job and they would spend 40 plus hours a week working on their novels, as I do in my normal day to day job, but still how is it that they manage to be able to write that much, have the ideas for that much, have the inspiration to write that much? These people, these authors are my idols, because they do what it is I want to do, what I try to do (to an extent). I mean Nora Roberts alone has written 5 novels so far this year….and the year isn’t over yet. Kathy Riechs has written 14 novels in 14 years. James Patterson has written 2 novels and has co-written 7 novels with other authors so far this year. And Stephen J Cannell (RIP) has written 17 novels in 15 years as well as creating/co-creating nearly 40 television series, 7 TV movies, 3 screenplays and countless TV episodes over his 42 year career. Now I know all of these authors have years on me and not all necessarily started as early as I am, however how they were able to keep the inspiration going for what seems to me to be endlessly, to write what they have written, to accomplish what they have accomplished is just mind blowing to me.

 I keep telling myself that these authors have the time that I spend at my day to day job to spend writing, but what I keep forgetting is that at one point, all these authors would have been employed in a normal day to day job and somehow managed to write a novel none-the-less. After all Kathy Riechs was an anthropologist and James Patterson was in advertising when they decided to write their first novels.

The point to my ramblings? Well I am not entirely sure. I started by trying to cut myself some slack as to why I dont write as often as I'd like and why when I try to force myself to write I seem to come up with nothing but I think I ended up realising that all authors at some point would have suffered with this sam problem as I am.....writers block. So I take a deep breathe in.....and out and remind myself that the only schedule I have to worry about is my own, and that in itself is enough to worry about without comparing my writing style and schedule to other already published authors.

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29 September 2010 @ 07:00 am

"Miracles" by Stone Sour, on the new album Audio Secrecy.

Why? Simply because it speaks to me, I cant really explain why. These lines of the song in particular.

I've seen it all and I know better
I've felt the bitterness and pain
My soul keeps changing like the weather
The only constant is the rain

Waiting in the dark for miracles
But miracles don't happen here

I still have dreams that were together
Reminders all around surrounded by your light
I don't want to die again

I only want my promised other
Not someone who isn't there
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21 September 2010 @ 07:47 am
Alright, so since last time I posted I've tried to stick to writing 4 hours a week and although 4 hours doesnt seem like much compared to the fact that there are 168 hours in a week its surprisingly difficult to find the time with work, duties around the house and life itself. Add to that the fact that I've taken on extra responsibilities at work which means extra hours in the office it seems to be damn near impossible to find the time and of course when I do I am usually too tired to concentrate.

I honestly dont know what I was thinking when I started this whole thing especailly when I knew that from the start of next year my time would be limited hugely with me adding 12+ hours of tafe per week. It seems at this point that I was delusional and completely nuts when I decided to take this on - not the writing of the novel itself but keeping to a schedule, a deadline and a blog.

However, I do not admit defeat just yet. Although I am seriously questioning my sanity at this point, I am not about to give up before it even really starts.

Now how anyone has ever managed to juggle work, a life and everything else that goes along with life while writing a book is beyond me. But it's been my dream to be a published author for as long as I can remember, so I guess all there is to do now is stop writing this blog and start writing the story.

So cross your fingers and your toes and hope that I can discipline myself to write even when all I want to do is sleep or rest. Because although I didnt expect such negative emotions towards this project quite so early on I am not about to let it overhelm me and I am not about to let the negative thought take over.

*takes a deep breathe* Here goes another week.
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13 September 2010 @ 01:27 pm

Please Note: This post is my opinion. It is not intended to offend anyone and if by chance it does offend you I apologise, however as its been so thoroughly stated in the media lately, it is my Freedom of Speech to say what I think. As it is yours, so feel free to comment and tell me you agree or that you think I am a total idiot....it's your right. But please keep in mind that I I tried to choose my words very carefully when posting this as I didnt want to offend anyone and because I know that this subject can lead to very heated discussions and actions, case in point, see below.

So I am guessing by now that everyone around the world has heard about the United States Priest Terry Jones who wanted to burn the Koran on the anniversary of September 11. Thankfully US President Barak Obama spoke out about this priests intended act and said,
I just hope he understands that what he’s proposing to do is completely contrary to our values of Americans. That this country has been built on the notions of religious freedom and religious tolerance. And as a very practical matter, as commander of chief of the Armed Forces of the United States I just want him to understand that this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform who are in Iraq, who are in Afghanistan. We’re already seeing protests against Americans just by the mere threat that he’s making. This is a recruitment bonanza for Al Qaeda. You know, you could have serious violence in places like Pakistan or Afghanistan. This could increase the recruitment of individuals who’d be willing to blow themselves up in American cities, or European cities” which did in fact force Priest Terry Jones to reconsider. Unfortunately though others have tried to followed in his intended footsteps.

Mohammed Vawda a South African businessman said that if Priest Terry Jones went on to burn copies of the Koran he would do the same with the Holy Bible. However his retaliation was stopped by Scholars of the Truth, an Islamic organisation, who went to court to stop him from going through with the act. After the ruling came in Mohammed Vawda said, "Applicants in their papers brought to my attention verses of the Koran I was not aware of. In other words, the Koran is saying the Gospel is part of the Koran, and that if I burn the Bible, I'm also burning the Koran. Luckily they stopped me from doing it." The Court ruled that it is illegal to burn any text considered sacred to anyone in South Africa. If only all countries had this law. Zehir Omar the Scholars of the Truth’s attorney said, "I'm amazed Americans could not obtain an order against (Jones) so hastily - that it allows itself to be held hostage by one person who for more than a month has threatened to burn the Koran.” I completely agree with this. Why did it take so long for America to speak out against this Priest who wanted to do something that could seriously put at risk not only the soldiers that are in middle eastern countries but also put at risk the United States itself.

I am Australian, so I cant say I know what September 11 2001 was like, because I only ever seen the horrible images on the News, but considering Australian soldiers are right there beside American soldiers in these middle eastern countries I believe I have a right to be angry. Our men and women are risking their lives to make this world a better place and its people like this priest that are making all their efforts in vain. I don’t understand how a man of God can be so disrespectful of another person’s beliefs. It is the right of every person to believe what they wish. It is the right of every person to have freedom of speech, but there is a point when freedom of speech just becomes a child’s game of daring each other to better us. I can completely understand the point that drove Mohammed Vawda’s instinct to retaliate against this priest and say that if you burn my sacred book than I will burn yours, however childish the retaliation may be. A priest should know better and be more respectful, because even though someone may not believe in the same God as you do, he still believes in a God. And a person’s bible, no matter what it is called should be respected by everyone as a sacred book that should not be used against others. And for that matter, shouldn’t a Priest be forgiving of those who did wrong against him and not hold a grudge let alone try to retaliate against them especially in such a personal manner. Honestly what would Priest Terry Jones have said if it was a Imam (an Islamic Leader – I had to google this so please forgive me if it is wrong) who said he intended to burn the Holy Bible for whatever reason he believed was just?

What happened on September 11 2001 was beyond a nightmare and no one who saw what happened that day will ever forget it. But to retaliate against an entire culture and religion for something that a few did is not right. It’s not just. And it’s not in the name of God. God wants us to forgive as he does and although it can be inconceivable given the circumstances, which I can completely understand, for a Priest of all people to promote burning another religions sacred scripture, their bible, is just against God and all those who believe in God. I don’t care what religion you are and whether you think your religion is right and others are wrong, if you believe in God, whether you call him Lord, Father, Allah, Buddha, Yahweh or anything else, if you believe there is a higher being than all of us than you should know that its not right to persecute an entire culture or religion for the actions of a few, even if they say its in the name of God.

Now we’ve got Alex Stewart from Australia who has posted a video on YouTube which apparently depicts him burning pages from the Koran and the Bible and smoking them like marijuana joints. He’s come out and said now that he wasn’t really burning the pages of these sacred books, but only wanted it to appear so and that he stands by his video saying that freedom of speech should not be taken away just because it might offend people. Well I agree that freedom of speech means that we can say whatever we like whether it offends people or not, so since we both agree with this little statement Mr Stewart let me just say you are an idiot. Whether you burnt these holy books is not the point, it’s the fact that you want people to believe that you did that makes you an idiot. Let me ask you something, if you say “They’re just books, and anyone who gets upset about them being burned is taking life far too seriously” than why exactly did you portray the fact that you were burning these books even though you now say you weren’t. If they are just books and you believe that its your freedom to burn them then why exactly didn’t you burn them??? You sound like nothing but a hypocrite to me. A stupid man who seems to only want his 15 minutes of fame rather than express his true right to freedom of speech.  If you cant back up your words with actions, and I mean true actions and not faked actions then you’re nothing but a hypocrite.

I am not a religious person. I do believe there is a God and I do have faith but I am not religious. I do believe that everyone has a right to freedom of speech, but I don’t believe that God, anyone’s God, would want them to harm or kill others in His name, nor do I believe that He would be OK with anyone burning His word, in whatever form it might take or whatever it may be called.

So this is to all the souls that have been lost because of religious and cultural persecution and to those who are continuing to risk their lives so that we may have our freedom of speech…no matter how stupid and idiotic what we say might be.

God Bless the whole world through.

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13 September 2010 @ 09:34 am
How do you feel about corporeal punishment?

If we're talking Judicial Corporal Punishment than I would have to say I agree and disagree with it. My mind is conflicted on this point because if they're never going to be released from prison than what's wrong with letting them suffer there for the rest of their lives. But on the other hand there are some people who just dont belong in this world and some people that the world is better off without.

If we're talking about Corporal Punishment in schools/in regards to children I do not agree. I do understand that some kids need to be disciplined and do occasionally require something more than a "Please sweetheart dont do that" from their parents and therefore a smack on the butt (without a lot of force) can do a lot of good. My parents hit us kids on the butt when we did something wrong and soon enough we learnt to behave whereas my cousin was never hit by her mother and she went completely off the rails. There is a difference between disciplining your children and beating them of course, what I am talking about is a little bit harder than light smack on the butt, once, anything more than that is just going too far. I dont believe kids should be disciplined in this manner by anyone but their parents/guardians of course. But then again I do see this act as discipline and not corporal punishment. Any form of corporal punishment should not be used on children.

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